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This Camper May Look Odd, But Once You See Inside, You’ll Wish You Owned One!

Created by Dutch designer Eduard Bohtlingk in 1985, the Markies camper masquerades as an unassuming box. When the sides come down, it’s soon apparent that this is no ordinary trailer.


Vinyl awnings and clever, collapsible furniture allow this camper to expand into a comfortable, fashionable home away from home.


The awnings can be raised or lowered, depending on the weather.


You can even sleep under the stars on a clear night.


With four beds, a removable divider allows for a little privacy while sleeping.


The modern conveniences continue into the kitchenette, complete with cappuccino machine.


Everything is carefully designed to maximize features and minimize space.


This results in some unusual appliances, such as this sink/stovetop combo.



Credit: ViralNova | Photography Eduard Bohtlingk

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