HOLY SH!T!! It’s My FIRST EVER mama’s day!

I have always wanted to be a mom, but it was about the same kind of dream as becoming a Victorias Secret model… I just didn’t see HOW the dream would come to fruition. But this year? I’ve got a 6 month old beautiful baby boy who is a testimony to dreams coming true (and officially makes me a MOMMY!). In honor of my new title, I’ve found 5 super cool items that I know I would love, and I hope you’ll love them for the mom in your life too! 

Flowers Pillow from Face Chairs

Price: $36

Details: I love flowers almost as much as I love home decor, and these photo print pillows serve style all year round! The floral design is part of an exclusive 2017 collection. Made from a patented poly- blend and cut, printed and sewn right here in the USA – this washable pillow is designed to retain it’s shape, giving your mom a fresh pop of color in any space!

Shop: http://www.facechairs.com/product/flowers-pillow

Annieglass Mod Oval Servers

Price: small: $103; medium: $147; large: $193

Details: Most of my serving these days is done from a plastic squeeze spoon, so I’m OVERLY excited by adult server ware. Forever experimenting, Annie’s newest line Mod is a modern, Dutch-inspired design showcasing rounded edges that appear to be dipped in precious metals. Mod introduces a Small Oval Server 5.5 x 11.5″, Medium Oval Server 6 x 16.5″, and Large Oval Server 8 x 22.25″ with each piece available in either 24k gold or genuine platinum-tipped styles. Just right for eating a forgotten piece of pizza you heated up in the microwave before the baby’s bath – or for parties of real adults with good wine and proper snacky things!

Shop: https://annieglass.com/collections/mod/products/mod-large-oval-server?variant=29205387782

Buddha sculpture

Price range: $100-$300 (depending on size)

Details: Moms need a daily moment of Zen, and this original, handcrafted sculpture from Bali is just the piece I can get my OMMM on with. Infant, 305 Design Center is a mecca for a host of hand carved decor, furniture and gifts. Check out their website to find many one-of-a-kind pieces that EVERY mom can appreciate!

Shop: http://www.305designcenter.com



Bennett Collection – Gun Metal

Price: $159

Details: After a long day of stinky diapers, my nose needs a break. The Bennett candle collection is full of beautiful hand poured candles in Earthenware decorative candle holders. Bennett’s have the most amazing aroma’s and are perfect both indoor and out, as decor (for you) or as a special gift (for your mama). Each piece is handmade and poured with soy bend wax. 12 wicks and 12” diameter.

Shop: https://www.flashpointcandle.com/collections/bennett

Nanit Baby Monitor

Price: $279

Details: I might need this one just for myself because Nanit is the first video baby monitor that can measure sleep and evaluate how well the baby is sleeping— without a wearable device. Going beyond mere surveillance, Nanit provides comprehensive reports that measure a baby’s sleep behavior throughout the night and uses cutting-edge computer vision technology to deliver scientifically-backed insights designed to help babies and entire families sleep better. Might wanna get 2!

Shop: http://www.nanit.com/


Exotic Angel: Columnea

Price: $13.00-$16.00 depending on retailer

Details: You might not guess it from looking at it, but columnea is actually a relative of African violet. And like its cousin, columnea is a fantastic houseplant. It has pendulous stems, making it a perfect pick for hanging baskets. When not suspended in the air, the stems will grow horizontally over flat surfaces, so columnea is also a great choice for tabletops and desks.

Shop: Available at Lowes, Home Depot and Walmart


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