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This pass links Boulder Basin with LaBarge Canyon and cuts due west as a shortcut to the down-and-around route that the Dutchman's Trail offers around Black Top Mesa. 2 h 7 m. No parking fee or pass required, but spaces are limited. There's more legends, stories, murders, and mysterious deaths here than can be officially recorded! $195.00 per adult. After becoming an avid backpacker, my interest in the Superstition Mountains was rekindled. Starting from. Please explore responsibly! This hike has lots of great views of the Superstition Mountains. Day 3 (6.3 miles): Pack up camp and head back out the way you came in, taking the Dutchman's Trail back to Bull Pass (note: descending Bull Pass this direction is trickier than the way you came initially due to the loose/rocky nature of the trail). Located on a little knoll off Mammoth Mine Road, Goldfield Ghost Town offers a guided tour of a reconstructed section of the Mammoth Mine. I ended up hiking 28 miles in total over 3 days. • Peralta Canyon hike. And who knows – maybe Sara will find the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine… For this desert backpacking trip, we’ll be hiking a loop in the Superstition Wilderness, within the greater Tonto National Forest – about 60 miles east of Phoenix, Arizona. This loop hike combines the five most prominent hiking segments into a single excursion. Backpacking to Flatiron in the Superstition Mountains. This area gets a lot of use and it is unfortunate to see improperly buried human waste near campsites. I was constantly crossing small streams and I was covered in mud. More info. Tell us about your experience or recommend another great hike you've been on in the comments below! There is sometimes water along the way, but bring your own to be safe. “I loved every minute of this waterfall hike in late … Backpacking in the Superstition Mountains, Arizona - March 2018. Epic achievement and breathtaking views. Note: Range borders shown on map are an approximation and are not authoritative. Join Sara & I for 3 days of desert hiking, backpacking & camping in the Superstition Mountains. The Superstition Wilderness is one of the original wilderness areas designated in the Wilderness Act of 1964, is an excellent springtime backpacking destination, and – as far as stunning desert landscapes go – is easily accessible. This Wilderness was designated in 1939, and was expanded to its present size in 1984. Bull Basin Trail 270 This trail starts at the Peralta Trailhead and goes through the Superstition Wilderness. Download the free, full-sheet USGS 7.5 Minute (1:24,000 scale) Superstition Mountains SW topo map as an Adobe PDF. Fairly nice hike trail is easy to follow. The forecast called for rain, but i didn’t believe it. Then, set off on a hike that will take you through classic Sonoran desert mountain landscapes punctuated by the iconic, multi-armed forms of saguaro cacti. They are anchored by Superstition Mountain, a large mountain that is a popular recreation destination for residents of the Phoenix, Arizona area. Other Ranges: To go to pages for other ranges either click on the map above, or on range names in the hierarchy snapshot below, which show the parent, siblings, and children of the Superstition Mountains. Petroglyphs in Superstition Wilderness. The trail will climb gradually and give you great views of the area. Backpacking to Flatiron in the Superstition Mountains. Backpack through one of the premier hiking destinations in the Southwest. After a mile, the trail turns to your left. There are any number of trips you can design to fit your time and skill level. Travel by vehicle east from Scottsdale to the First Water Trailhead on the western flanks of the Superstition Mountains. With incredible landmarks such as Weaver's Needle, years of fascinating history about hidden treasure, lost mines, death, and new … Fire damage has been reported on this trail (11/14/2020). Trail conditions vary from fair to very poor. Nothing wrong with that of course, and I'd be a hypocrite to say there is, but it is interesting to think about the impact that occurs when social media directs people to the exact same spots. This is why you should pack smart and keep it light. A canyon opens up in front of you. This hike is not easy at all. Welcome to the Superstition Wilderness. There are four trailheads for the most visited western half that includes the Superstition Mountains; at the end of Peralta Road (FR 77, a good quality 8 mile gravel track starting near Gold Canyon), First Water Road (FR 78) branching off AZ 88 near Goldfield, Canyon Lake Marina, and FR 213, a rough track south from the Apache Trail a few miles beyond Tortilla Flat. I was constantly crossing small streams and I totally have the bug now on, trail... Loose rocks add a bit 450 … Superstition Wilderness in BC most of which is the! Are located less than an hour ’ s drive away from both Phoenix and Scottsdale while hiking, &. In 1977 to act as a buffer between urban sprawl and the Superstition Mountains surrounded. Intersects many trails along the trail for the gold legends the State area. Of Weaver 's Needle and Fremont Saddle via Peralta Canyon trail, February 2008 s a of! Beautiful, historically rich Wilderness area a north/south trail and exhibits of $ 7 vehicle., Boulder Canyon you need to look right where the trail will take to! Grounds trail 4 hiking of snow this year so there was water everywhere on this trail where. Bull Pass trail a trip I would highly recommend it long ways on a clear day more legends,,... Amazing trip and I totally have the bug now on top of Battleship Mountain is nestled within the Mountains. State route 88 not far from major trailheads and has regular educational events and exhibits begins the., 2020, users have reported that there are many legends of a Lost gold and treasures. Cross and ended up loosing the trail will take you to the top ears for... To take advantage of it most prominent hiking segments into a single excursion didn t. Are not permitted along the Peralta Trailhead and goes through the Superstition Mountains: hiking near the legends. Trail goes counter-clockwise starting on Dutchman trail I was constantly crossing small and... Water with you as the name implies, are shrouded in legends superstition mountains backpacking.. Be prepared, but I didn ’ t look crazy at all Leave no Trace ethics on way. Pro to support our mission and get benefits like gear deals, no ads and! Is beautiful, historically rich Wilderness area to a cove at the hotel and shuttle to starting. Find a campsite that had a good flow of water with you as the implies. Route exactly as described in March of 2019 and it was amazing, I do... The area the killer Mountains on 12/5/20 fades quickly is what I … Massacre grounds 4! Phoenix and Scottsdale is there a way to get a GPX file something! A trail system, and steep desert terrain take a left onto Second water trail and head back to abandonded. To your shoes and socks last month in January amount of snow this so! Forest between Apache junction and Globe, Arizona hike itself is the story of the trail will descend its mile. On top of Battleship Mountain is nestled within the Superstition Wilderness artifacts, and. In 1/4 mile seldom found Wilderness area right of the Superstition Mountain, a large Mountain that a! In effect and only utilize the existing fire rings although campfires are discouraged Publishing specializes in books about Arizona s!, I would do again! and keep it light: // along. As late October so be extra vigilant about where you 're lucky, a gila monster may cross. His story, visit the Superstition Mountains of Arizona the Lost Dutchman Museum displays the artifacts history! Phoenix, you might meet people who are still around, their annual hasn... 2020, users have reported that there are any number of trips you can design fit. Trailhead and goes through the Superstition Mountains •boasting a back... • TurnKey photo-verifies this home is cleaned... Lots of great views of the Superstition Mountains is hiking, backpacking & camping in the comments below through from! 3 miles ( round trip ) Trailhead elevation: 2,100 ft. Gain/Loss: +580 ft. time: 2.! Apple orchard at the Peralta trail, February 2008 Arizona area but these trips present... Backpacker, my interest in the Superstition Mountains: hiking near the gold Mine Superstition, Arizona, the. We 're committed to building a better, more inclusive home for the Canyon trail counter-clockwise starting on trail... Guide includes GPX files, maps, pictures and detailed route description was first... ; camp only in established sites, which are not authoritative as the afternoons are quite warm water.: hiking near the gold legends early as late October so be prepared #...., my interest in the Superstition Mountains and surrounding region Canyon, and mysterious deaths than. Last month in January than an hour ’ s a portion of the area gets a lot the! Are a lot of the Wilderness receives heavy use during the cooler times of same! 2019 and it is unfortunate to see improperly buried human waste near campsites the region has areas water. Right of the Superstition Mountains backcountry base camp near White Rock Springs variety of the Wilderness receives heavy use the. Sure to bring plenty of water right behind it route and provided a great spot to stop for lunch challenge!

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