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How These 6 Colors Affect The Way You Live

Can the colors you choose for your home affect your life? Absolutely! Believe it or not, color has a massive impact on how you feel, from your productivity and energy levels to your creativity and overall happiness.

RED: The Color of Success and Productivity


Red is the perfect color choice for a home office.

YELLOW: The Color of Happiness


Yellow promotes conversation in a communal living area.

ORANGE: The Color of Energy and Excitement


Orange has been known to increase energy levels and excitement. I suggest using it in a home gym.

BLUE: The Color of a Rested, Beautiful You


The key to a beautiful you is in a restful night’s sleep surrounded by blue. Use blue in your bedroom and bathroom.

GREEN: The Color That’s Sexier Than You Think


If you’re in the mood for lovin’, paint your bedroom green.

PURPLE: The Color of Creativity


The possibilities for creativity are endless when you paint your kitchen, a playroom or an art studio purple.

Credit: Yahoo

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