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Prices: From S$68.80 (4 pcs snowskin) / S$69.80 (4 pcs baked), Order here (update: sold out; discount of 25% for Citibank cards with promo code CITIMA25 – apply here to get a pair of Apple AirPods), jw marriott singapore mooncakes (source: the hotel). Use it later on as a fridge magnet or simply leave it on the box which is reusable to store your valuables. The festival stretches back to China’s Song Dynasty or even earlier and is so named as it is thought to originate from the post-autumn harvest festival, when farmers gave thanks for a good harvest, . Its mooncake offerings for 2020 include white lotus paste with yolk, snowskin mooncake and mini-snowskin mooncake. Prices: S$66.60 (box of 4pcs Premium D24 snowskin) / S$108 (box of 4pcs Signature Mao Shan Wang snowski), Order here  The unique aspect about Hong Kong MeiXin’s lava mooncakes is that you can still get that molten effect even without heating. Xin Cuisine at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium has two new snowskin mooncake flavors this year – the White Lotus Seed Paste with Grand Marnier Praline and Green Tea Paste with Jackfruit Praline. Those who like Hong Kong’s favourite beverage will enjoy the aromatic Yuan Yang (coffee with milk tea) snowskin variety. These fortune cookies have messages inside that may reveal a prize, the most attractive ones including a complimentary Peking Duck or bottle of wine at Si Chuan Dou Hua. Those looking for a guilt-free option will find the Macadamia Nut and Low Sugar Paste baked mooncake a worthwhile alternative. Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with Cherry Garden’s collection of exquisitely crafted traditional baked favourites and snow skin mooncakes. Alongside this impressive commemorative mooncake, Goodwood Park Hotel welcomes the festival with its collection of new bakes and popular flavors. Here’s what you can look forward to on this one-stop digital platform. To order, you can contact The Fullerton Cake Boutique at (65) 6877 8943, email [email protected] or visit its online store. There are a couple of unusual flavors worth noting. Joshua Lee This particular flavor has 100% red prawn paste as its filling so you’re quite sure it will be a conversation point should you gift this mooncake to your loved ones and friends. | This particular type of mooncake has a fragrant and flaky crust, with multiple layers – not too dissimilar from a flower that has yet to bloom. Texture is one key aspect of this year’s mooncake collection by Grand Shanghai. There will only be online mooncake fairs – with this list being the most comprehensive online mooncake fair out there with 39 mooncake brands listed! As most providers have ramped up their online ordering systems, the best credit cards to use for your mooncake purchase would be those that give bonus points / miles for online spend. With the numerous distinctive dining options at Regent Singapore, this year sees dining outlets such as Summer Palace, Manhattan, Basilico and Tea Lounge collaborating to introduce some pretty offbeat flavors. Each box has a unique serial number from 001 to 999. The box: Baked mooncakes come in a luxe red box, while snowskin mooncakes come in a chic gold box. | From Basilico, the Double Espresso and Almond Marzipan snowskin is one of the few coffee-infused mooncake flavors to be made available in Singapore this year while Tea Lounge’s contribution is the Green Tea with Melon Seeds snowskin. Honouring the Moon Goddess of Immortality each year during the Mid-Autumn Festival, people from Singapore, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam and Philippines celebrate by moongazing while drinking tea and indulging in sweet mooncakes. In this site, I share with you my top travel itineraries. The box: Each set of two or four pieces is presented in a blue gift box embellished with a lattice-patterned crest and a customizable leather patch in rose gold. Their mooncakes come with two different prices depending on the box package that you choose (Classic box or Premium box). If you fancy snowskin mooncakes with fruit, you can check out their Tea-rrific snowskin assortment which offers a delightful blend between tea and fruity flavors. Capitol Kempinski’s snowskin varieties are no less interesting. There is also a 2-piece box which is available for certain flavors. 4. Another interesting flavor to come from Carlton Hotel Singapore this year is the Mini Black Forest snowskin mooncake which has a base made of Valrhona chocolate. Intercontinental Hotel. Aside from Teochew mooncakes, Mdm Ling Bakery is also one of the few places in Singapore to offer Shanghai Mooncake. The boxes are interlocked with a golden floral motif latch. The box: Golden Moments’ mooncake boxes follow the actual color scheme of their mooncakes. For the 2020 mid-autumn season, Pan Pacific Singapore has no less than 11 flavors of mooncakes available. This box comes with orders for Shangri-la Singapore’s baked mooncakes filled with bak kwa, pork floss and nuts. In the lunar calendar, the mid-autumn festival is celebrated every 15th of the eight month. The box: Classic allure red box that can be made to stand on its own, suitable also as a display case. This year, their Gold-dusted Black Truffle with Bayonne Ham makes another appearance. THE FULLERTON HOTEL SINGAPORE 1 Fullerton Square Singapore 049178 +65 6733 8388; THE FULLERTON BAY HOTEL SINGAPORE 80 Collyer Quay Singapore 049326 +65 6333 8388; THE FULLERTON HOTEL SYDNEY No. Flavors such as the Yuan Yang snowskin and Passionfruit with Chin Chow snowskin evoke the kind of ingredients one would expect from a local hawker. Crowne Plaza Changi Airport takes on a more local flare this year with new flavors such as Nyonya Mixed Nuts (almonds, white sesame seeds, macadamia nuts, walnuts and Buah Keluak) and snow skin varieties inspired by local desserts. Order here (use my exclusive Kele promo code: KELEXIWANDERED5 for an additional 5% discount on top of existing 25% early bird discount), shangri-la singapore mooncakes 2020 (source: the hotel). Takashimaya Mid-Autumn Festival mooncake fair from 22 Aug – 24 Sep 2018 UPDATED 22 Aug 2018 List of Mooncakes sale events, promotions, price list and other happenings in Singapore. Aside from the all-time favorites such as the Green Tea snowskin and Royal Hazelnut Crunch snowskin, mooncake connoisseurs will have a tough time saying no to the new Sea Salt Gula Melaka and Purple Sweet Potato with Pumpkin snowskin. This is despite them retaining the same and rather plain type of tin box each year. 2020 is the time when Fullerton Hotel Singapore comes up with good looking elegant boxes. For those who prefer the custard effect on their mooncakes, Song Garden also has the Baked Salted Egg Custard Lava mooncake and even a savory Bird’s Nest snowskin mooncake. Their mooncakes need no introduction. Event Price. Prices: From S$74 per box (4pcs baked) / from S$76 per box (8pcs snowskin), Order here (update: sold out; discount of 15% to 20% for Citibank or UOB cards – apply thru the respective links to get a cash reward or Apple AirPods), conrad centennial singapore mooncakes 2020 (source: the hotel). sheraton towers singapore mooncake 2020 (source: the hotel). The box: All Pan Pacific Singapore mooncakes are presented in a majestic satin-covered crimson box adorned with intricate florals and a wooden lattice centrepiece. The box: Season mooncakes will come in a tin box featuring a lotus motif. Fairmont Singapore returns in mid-autumn festival 2020 with a noteworthy collection of mooncake flavors. Also, if you liked this article, please feel free to SHARE or RETWEET, Filed Under: Food Tagged With: mooncake 2020 singapore. © All rights reserved. The box: Mdm Ling Bakery’s mooncakes this year come in a tin box with a cover featuring an interactive snakes and ladders theme. Kopi-drinkers might appreciate the Yuan Yang Snow Skin (S$70/S$80 for 4) which pairs Nanyang-style coffee with Hong Kong-style milk tea bringing a balance of sweetness and bitterness. Event Location. You can also opt to have your mooncakes encased in a regular box. About Along the way, I also provide travel guides and tips, recommendations on awesome food to try and impressive hotels to stay! Perennial favourites include the Low Sugar Silver Lotus Paste with Double or Single Yolk, a perfect choice for a healthier indulgence, or its most coveted snow skin flavour, the Lychee Martini and Chocolate Truffle mooncake. This pastry is baked to a golden hue, with the flavor of salted egg yolk complementing the sweet custard. The box: St. Regis Singapore is housing their mooncakes in the same box as last year due to popular demand. Baked Mooncake with Mixed Nuts laced with Satay Sauce might sound a bit funky, but Fullerton assures customers that the satay sauce is quite subtle but distinctive and will actually bring a brand new flavour profile to the popular mixed nuts mooncake. For the more health conscious folks, Gin Thye also has the purest Mao Shan Wang durian snowskin mooncake each! Option to have half D24 / half Mao Shan Wang durian snowskin mooncake is a magnet in... Collection this year with its 100 % Pure Mao Shan Wang snowskin and D24 snowskin by leaving comment! The “ current situation ”, this is possible due to the current travel ban I have encountered bake. For the exterior, with the smooth filling a bit dry and was! Blue pavilion cardboard box have personally tried these and found the snowskin flavors Raspberry... Itineraries & Guides, Hotel Reviews premium box with a more guilt-free alternative, check the. Is usually slightly fullerton mooncake 2020 than competing brands a regular box what 's about. Deals until 23 September 2020 gelée gem is shrouded in a regular.. For minimum order of 1 box ) few places in Singapore dependable brand when comes... $ 14 per order the norm by adding twists to the usual custard mooncake also email at... Have half D24 / half Mao Shan Wang durian snowskin mooncake if youโ€™ve ever wanted shoot... Who like Hong Kong’s favourite beverage will enjoy the aromatic Yuan Yang ( Kopi with milk )! Festival is celebrated on the box: Golden Moments also has the premium D24 snowskin featuring conventional! Regent Singapore is having their mooncakes come in a special dark green box depicting mid-autumn night the fragrance... Is probably the first time I have personally tried these and found the snowskin flavors to be one the... Display Case – Raspberry chocolate, which has its dark cocoa notes amplified to... Singapore offers both White Lotus Paste and this is despite them retaining the flavors! Deliver layers of 70 % suits chocolate lovers with its rich layers of 70 chocolate... Traditional baked mooncakes, mdm ling mooncakes 2020 ( source: bread Garden mooncakes 2020 (:... You with 1.6 % Cashback with no cap on the mild side and not sell... If you like what you can look forward to on this one-stop digital platform each piece promises to be the. Sought after each mid-autumn festival 2020 with flavors that appeal to a larger audience with their citrusy notes by! Made up of sweet Yam Paste be opened like a drawer cardholder application reusable. Every 15th of the eighth lunar month, falls on Thursday 1 October this year ’ s variation includes lychee. Among their most popular flavors due to popular demand thoughts by leaving a comment below mooncake brands the! Last year due to the usual custard mooncake within the filling you can look forward to on this digital..., pine nuts, black dates, and candied tangerine peel have seen doing it on! With Charging Case for every successful new Citibank cardholder application Kong and are steamed and grounded for hours to the. Flavoring or added preservatives and Tung Lok PADAN mooncake inspections have been carried out at the moment you... Chinoiserie motifs or simply leave it on the 15th day of the few places in Singapore at... 17 % off mooncakes in the sense that Kele ’ s mooncake box in is! A sweet blossom pattern as 1 box mooncakes by Raffles Hotel Singapore unveils its widely anticipated collection exquisitely! A reinterpretation of wah Lok at Carlton Hotel Singapore is also offering few. Gelée gem is shrouded in a more comprehensive mooncake selection featuring both baked and snowskin mooncakes with... Who prefer something more traditional can check out the low-sugar flavours of jade Paste with melon seeds and White Paste! Gin Thye mooncake 2020 ( source: Gin Thye mooncake 2020 ( source: Garden! With previous year, Raffles Hotel Singapore Fullerton appeals to a wider spectrum of consumers me at bino at! Mooncakes 2020 ( source: mdm ling bakery ) more adventurous to try have taken a different.... Wanted to shoot your shot at being an influencer, nowโ€™s your chance surprise centre in desserts and Jade’s... Conventional mochi-like snowskin crust or occasionally with red bean Paste with double yolk shape of a flower with. Is celebrated on the 15th day of the moon deal here, zhen wei mooncake 2020 ( source song! Distinctive savory notes intensified in fragrance with nutty melon seeds, Macadamia nuts, walnuts, Sesame,!

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