Hello there, and thanks for stopping by!

Many of you may recognize me from my days spent as the Interior Design co-host on the daytime talk show, FAB Life… orrr from my budget friendly renovations on TLC’s Emmy Award winning Trading Spaces and Drill Team for A&E, but now? You’re gonna know me as your Home Girl, cause I’m about to give you life style advice like you’ve never had it before!

You see, I’m not like those other designers… you know, the ones with the little sweaters tied around their necks. I’m more like the girl you can call to get IN to a great party, or OUT of county jail – cause we’ve all got that one friend, right? That’s what makes me a familiar source, and here’s what makes me your HOME GIRL NEXT DOOR:

All my life I’ve grown up learning how to make the best out of what I had available to me. My folks weren’t rich, but we had a home filled with amazing do-it-yourself projects that made our house a home. Since the moment I could see over the counter, I’ve been testing my homemaking talents with my own two hands – and my advice comes seasoned – cause I’ve made many mistakes that have perfected my skills. Whether it be a culinary masterpiece (which sometimes means an excellent microwave technique), a quick fashion hack, or a simple and easy DIY project to totally transform your living room for free… well, I’ve done it all, and this blog will cover everything to inspire you with hacks and ideas in interior design, food, fashion, and do-it-yourself projects!

I’ve learned so much along the way, and my triumphs are now your successes. I know that my budget friendly alternatives can make all the difference in your life too. That’s because this blog will be dedicated to forming a community around each and everyone of you Homies (get it?)! I want you to ask questions, show me YOUR projects and tips, so we can inspire each other with ideas – and we’re going to do that by using the hashtag #HomeGirlNextDoor to keep up on our Facebook and Instagram pages! I will make sure to share your ideas right here so that others can get inspired too!

Now lets DO this homies!