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6 Makeover Essentials You’ll Need


1. Folding Ruler
“I pull out my folding ruler for everything, from figuring out wainscoting heights to crown molding thicknesses. I can bend it and prop it against a wall to simulate a three-dimensional piece of furniture. You can’t do that with a tape measure!” – From $10. lowes.com

2. Picture Hooks
“OOK picture hooks are the only ones I’ll use. The thin nail slides easily into plaster or Sheetrock without damaging walls.” – From $3 each. homedepot.

3. All-In-One Tool
“My Leatherman Surge is actually 21 tools in one. There are scissors, screwdrivers, and even a bottle opener, for when you get thirsty on the job.” – From $110. leaterman.com

4. Markers
“Wood-finish markers are great for patching up scrapes and scratches, and they come in a range of stains, from cherry to oak.” – $5 each. amazon.com

5. Felt Protectors
“I always carry a stash of felt protectors to put beneath furniture on wood floors, or to wedge under tables as shims.” – From $3 for a pack of 16. staples.com

6. App
“The level in my smartphone’s compass helps me hang pictures, and I check an app called LightTrac to figure out the direction of the sun in relation to a room.” – $5. lighttracapp.com

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