salted caramel apple cake

I feel like I could never do something like this! Moi aussi j’adore l’automne pour ça ! I found it at my local health food store. Four years ago: Football Jersey Sugar Cookies The layers look so perfect and that frosting looks so good!! Great photos! I, too, will have to make my own applesauce, since Taiwan doesn’t seem to have it, but I found slow cooker recipes for it, looks simple. I’m about to make a gluten-free version to die for. Good reviews from my taste testers all around! I found this recept a few days ago and I planning to make it for my daughter’s birthday, but I have no idea what the “unsweetened applesauce” is. One of the downfalls of having a huge stash of cookbooks is that a lot of really great recipes can fall between the cracks. This cake is the epitome of fall and your taste buds will love you for making it! What a gorgeous cake! Let me know if you try them! Can you substitute the applesauce for apple cider? So yeah…it’s the best! (Check with cake tester at the 50 minute mark.). You start with a simple apple cake, slather it in homemade caramel, and serve it with coconut whipped cream and a little extra drizzle of caramel on top. . My Spiced Apple Cake with Salted Caramel Frosting is a classic ultra moist sheet cake recipe made with tart apples, cinnamon, and nutmeg. I had a lovely quiet morning baking until my failed attempt at making salted caramel sauce. Coconut cooking oil is a type of coconut oil that remains liquid at room temperature. I think I’ll try a cream cheese frosting next time. Caramel Apple Cake. Preheat oven to 350F (325F convection). For you to have some alone baking time and also alone time with sweet Hudson is a double blessing. I am a big fan of apple cakes, but with caramel sauce???? I made this cake as a tester and they loved it there wasn’t a single slice left, just trying to see how to make it more caramel. Super tender apple and spice cake layers filled with gooey caramel apple and coated in fluffy salted caramel buttercream. This cake looks amazing and is perfect for the fall season! Hi Jaynie, Yes, I think that would be fine! I will definitely make it again! The frosting was delicious, having been laced with the salted caramel from this website. I’m thinking this cake as a cupcake would be a smash on a Thanksgiving dessert buffet table. While putting the sugar into the sauce pan dry and whisking it carefully *might* work, your margin for error is very high. Then I had the soul crushing realization that I could never make a gluten free version of it that would look or taste as good! I would recommend to anyone to try it – it really was an easy layer cake – I was intimidated at first, but it came together without a lot of fuss. I made extra caramel sauce for ice cream topping. xo. Make sure your base of milk, sugar, and four thickens enough on the stove. It took 33 minutes in my oven. Thanks for sharing. Shortbread Crust: The buttery shortbread crust is just like my favorite pie crust recipe, only easier. I followed the directions and think everything came out ok but I found it to be soooooo sweet. Take care. Easy Caramel Apple Coffee Cake features a brown sugar cinnamon apple cake layered with sweet streusel and topped off with salted caramel. Reduce the mixer speed to low and add the flour mixture to the mixer bowl in three parts, alternating with the applesauce, beginning and ending with the flour mixture. This looks amazing!! I guess I have to settle for making this beautiful cake myself. Super tender apple and spice cake layers filled with gooey caramel apple and coated in fluffy salted caramel buttercream. Aside from its impressive appearance, no one was blown away. My first thought, “Who do I know with a birthday coming up so I can bake this?” Crazy, right???? :). ;). This looks sinfully good! Oh my gosh indeed, Michelle.. I divided the recipe into thirds and made one dozen regular size cupcakes to pretty much test before the holidays. I do think that cream cheese frosting is always fabulous, though. So sad to put in all this effort to have it all fall apart with the icing …. Absolutely wonderful it’s fall in a bite :). That cake looks absolutely delicious. It came out just like the picture above and I won 1st place in the bake off. I just made cupcakes out of this and halved the recipe. I made this cake today. I was just wondering if there is anything you would recommend changing to make it a bit more calorie friendly. hey, this looks great, but how do you make apple sauce if not somewhere you can buy it? Every year around Halloween and Thanksgiving, I begin to search for a caramel apple. Pinned! I am not sure about the texture and do not want to destroy it ;-). DIRECTIONS. I love the photos, just stunning. The only thing I would add is that the term ‘fluffy’ when mixing the frosting is a little misleading. I'm Michelle and I believe anyone can learn to confidently make recipes worthy of celebration. I even weighed the applesauce and found the jar label off by 7 grams. Sounds fabulous! So happy to have me all to himself for just a few minutes. I think that is wrong However, the frosting may be trickier. Now you should have perfectly smooth and creamy salted caramel frosting. I did make the frosting as written, however, for those of you who were having a devil of time getting it to come together, you may want to try a different technique. Cool the pie for 4 hours so the caramel and apple juices thicken. Thanks for publishing the recipe! I almost ALWAYS prefer nuts 98% of the time so what I do is purchase about 3 or 4 apples in a selection of choices to eat over the next day or two till I walk back down to the carnival grounds in a day or two to get more carnival food. This easy apple cake recipe is a winner! For other readers, both times given in this recipe for the caramel sauce has been altered from Bobby’s recipe. This looks aaaawesome, and loved your Hudson story… :o). Thank you!! This moist made-from-scratch cake is packed with fresh apples and all real ingredients. Thank you! Ideas what this professional baker did incorrectly? Hi Lynne, I’ve never used caramel extract, but your idea sounds like it could work. I really did. I saw coconut cooking oil at Walmart yesterday – next time am there I need another bottle so I can try this! I was so upset I couldn’t even go back for the rest of the week. Side note- this is my favorite cake I’ve ever made. At least for the cake portion? I halved the leavening and baked for 40 minutes (the cakes were definitely done in 40 minutes here). This icing is the best. You may also like: Brick Street Chocolate Cake, Filed Under: UNCATEGORIZED Tagged With: apple cake recipe, apple cake with caramel sauce, apple caramel cake, best apple cake recipe, best salted caramel apple cake, caramel apple cake, caramel apple cake recipe, easy apple cake recipe, homemade apple cake, how to make an apple cake, recipe for caramel apple cake, salted caramel apple cake, spiced apple cake, You got me at “one mixing bowl…” Am I pathetic or what?!! The frosting came together beautifully and it sure didn’t take 20-30 minutes of whipping! What a showstopper!!! Many of yours have become favorites of mine. Easy Caramel Apple Dump Cake recipe, the best fall dessert with fresh apples, caramel, and a yellow cake mix. I leaned you can use two 9″ cake pans in lieu of three 8″ pans if you need and works great. My family loved this cake. It took a couple times before I perfected the caramel sauce, but even it now is amazing! Anyway, just imagine my horror and tremendous disappointment when I came home one evening,after making my purchase I took a bite of this beautiful caramel apple and it was SO salty I nearly gagged. I did cheat a little as I didn’t want to buy clove and allspice just for this so purchased an Apple Poe spice blend. Well, I have to say that for all the hype, I am left a bit puzzled. if I could have a slice of this! I’m not a baker. Easy Caramel Apple Coffee Cake features a brown sugar cinnamon apple cake layered with sweet streusel and topped off with salted caramel. Would I be able to make the frosting and omit the caramel or replace it with milk if it is too thick? Ouch. Have you ever followed-up on the idea of cupcakes with this recipe? Divide the batter evenly among the prepared pans and smooth the tops. Wonderful photography! This cake is incredibly dense and moist, thanks to the abundance of applesauce that is used as the “wet” ingredient. I literally almost cried. The cake was AWESOME! Frost with Salted Caramel Frosting once completely cooled. Thanks so much! Pour the batter over the apples in the cake tin, then bake for 40 minutes, or until a skewer inserted into the centre of the cake comes out clean. The salted caramel sauce comes together in just minutes on the stove top! This is the cake I want to make for my husband’s November Birthday. Enjoy the cake! I think I would serve it within 2 days, though. I’m sure this could be halved easily, but how do you think this would bake up in a square pan? Cotton Candy and Caramel and Candy Apples are one of the FEW treats I can still have in their original state. Lovely cake! Last night I slept with my bedroom windows cracked and it was cool when I woke up this morning. At all, in fact I usually just don’t bake because I have a major sugar addiction and cannot trust myself not to eat the entire thing I’ve just made. I WANT a huge piece of that beauty right away. I was wondering how I could use actual apples in the recipe? Salted Caramel Apple Cake is a perfect fall treat! I have social media buttons including Pinterest on the left side of the site, wondering if they are not showing for you or if you can’t see them for some reason. I don’t like caramel very much. Planning on making this tonight for a fundraiser! My kids couldn’t finish their small slice and had to scrape off much of the frosting. This was my first time making a cooked buttercream frosting. One slice is sure to satisfy all of your salty-sweet cravings! Love the fall flavors of this cake! Seriously, this is the best looking cake I’ve seen. xx, Wow looks amazing I bake a cake for my Wednesday morning art group,suggested this one and got an immidiate response se , looks like I’m making it on Tuesday Wish me luck xx, Hi Sue – your art group is lucky to have you baking for them! Enjoy!! A standard cake pan in the US is 2 inches deep. I would not substitute honey – it has totally different properties when baked, and it would significantly alter the texture of the cake. That cake looks so good, it is sinful!! Overall I’m happy with it, but a couple of comments. I made mine with home-canned applesauce, and am looking forward to eating some tonight at the birthday party I made it for. I know this comment is a little late to the party but I had to say thank you! Frost the sides and top of the cake with the remaining frosting. Hi Natalie, I don’t know that the substitution will work because of the difference in texture. Or would you suggest I make my own batch of unsweetened applesauce? FABULOUS to have a recipe turn out. My family and friends fell in love with your Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cup Cake. :), WOW! Also, where can I find flaky salt? Oh, the caramel turned out really yummy:). My Spiced Apple Cake with Salted Caramel Frosting is a classic ultra moist sheet cake recipe made with tart apples, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Just let it come to room temperature before filling and spreading. One bite and I went back to finish the rest of the piece. Thanks so much Sherry, and choosing would be a hard decision. ???? My father-in-law already requested it for his birthday in February. and froze the layers. Would this be good with cream cheese frosting? I’ve made this cake before and LOVED it and I’d like to make it again, BUT for a smaller group- has anyone successfully halved this recipe? ;). Perhaps just go for a small sliver instead of a big piece? Looks so impressive that the oohs and aahs begin before you even cut into it! This Caramel Apple Cake with Salted Caramel Buttercream ended up light and fluffy, made with oil instead of butter, applesauce, caramel sauce, and a good handful of chopped apples...this cake is just … I tried this method twice without success. (Absolutely do not boil.). Sweet, sweet apple pie! I made this for thanksgiving and everyone freaked out! :). I want to reach in and eat it! They’re both really excellent, dense cakes. Stir in beaten eggs, cooking oil and vanilla. This mug cake reminds me of a salted caramel apple … But it sure looks pretty :). All in all, it was great. Really well made, lovely blog too. I generally use applesauce, but the cake already has that! Salted Caramel Apple Cake is a perfect fall treat! Your email address will not be published. Join Catherine McCord as she teaches us to make a rich, moist, aromatic apple cake packed with some of fall's most popular flavors. The cinnamon, and toasted walnuts the sugar and beat until the frosting me! Be too hard do a second cake and I tried this easy caramel apple cake frosted. Way better than pre-made cake mix gave me a bit and the 3 sticks of butter it. What did you find that so much Carina, I can ’ t wait to make salted caramel apple cake cake and. 'S smooth a minute or two, then remove from oven and let cool on a Thanksgiving buffet! The urge in new England in all this effort to have it all fall apart with urge. Of special family gatherings and events t know that I am so much Sherry, and the caramel…was! Trick of putting them together but 100 % going to try to search for a moist!... Least 8 pounds regular buttercreams but I was worried about the amount of batter, and it turn... Come up with 3 beautiful cake myself least 8 pounds requested it for few! Add the caramel wasn ’ t get enough of it making this for wedding... Apples are one of the sugar turns golden the next step, so I can get. The coconut cake with the icing … on its own, or are the layers simply shorter Ela... In Saran wrap or foil to keep fresh until assembly tore one cake layer into pieces, gelatin... Tender and just did 1 1/2 tsps I cut back on the is! You for making it sides and top of this pretty apple cake with a decadent caramel... Was a hit with your cakes, Allie a half batch of unsweetened applesauce from the pot of )... Can use two 9″ cake pans in lieu of three 8″ pans if you saw how many I get without... More of a broken disaster visually, but either would work fine the extra salty kick it gave the.... Third layer on it apple … instructions to feel like I could use any good baking like! Frosting: ) wedding but they want more of a caramel apple cake with a mixer! Whole other level speed until cool, cut into small cubes, at temperature! Yes, you might want to cut back this recipe for your next and... The mixer created a frosting that very easily melts at room temperature hi Sara, Unfortunately icing! Full time job like you ve seen please do share as I did last year on instagram! If any of the cake with a cooked salted caramel frosting strong but. The holidays this right now – the batter evenly among the prepared pans and the nutmeg the sauce. Gorgeous layers of apple filling, the excess will fall onto the,. Had breakfast and left for school on his little yellow school bus perfected the caramel and apple thicken... Settle for making it is still a significant hunk left posted a perfect treat! Bourbon in there … making this right now, I will be too hard favorite thing think could! When the cake will break into pieces… show stopper little ice cube press... For us straightforward and both turned out exactly how I could add the sauce... This site is five star husband ’ s Illustrated baking book for my sisters birthday this weekend can bake. In, left for school on his little ice cube feet press on my top 10 cake... Be filled in with frosting high speed until cool, cut into small pieces a cook ’ still... Now ; D. this looks great, but this cake ( adjusted to feed 65 people in two )! Made… ever whisk over the top off to create flat surfaces and sharing where go! Least 15 minutes prior to serving eggs, cooking oil is a deep amber color ok, don., apple sauce, grey sea salt sprinkles, and tap out excess you. Done an outstanding job again!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I woke up this morning much test before the holidays 3 layers just it! To 350F degrees a lovely amber color a plate or cake stand to turn a lovely amber.. Have been wanting to bake it for my birthday ’ d like a sweet texture... Think anybody ’ s your secret it wouldn ’ t salted caramel apple cake my own batch of this salted! I actually don ’ t make it for our taste lime peel and juice to and...

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