convergent and divergent thinking examples

The problem is that most textbooks offer only convergent thinking problems. [6] Divergent thinking has been hot recently. Stakeholder buy-in is easier to accomplish when you are clear about the purpose and goals of an exercise. Standardized tests are convergent; so is an IQ test. Or, a medical student can be either a doctor or nothing. We use divergent thinking in the initial stages of ideation on a project or task—when we have a challenge to solve and we need to brainstorm or iterate on creative solutions. to meet your organization's unique design and development needs. This required a considerable amount of divergent thinking. The first step — Identify the problem — starts the entire process. Examples of Convergent and Divergent Thinking Suppose that you worked 48 miles away from your house and needed to save money. Typically, this means that everyone involved in this type of thinking will look for unexpected combinations and connections between remote associations. Math is an example of convergent thinking. Pattern recognition, testing knowledge, logic thought flow and the ability to solve problems can all be tested and graded. You could wear pants, shorts, a sweater, or a t-shirt. As a matter of fact, reinforcement would be quite important because educators may need to combat and compensate for children’s tendencies to conform to peer pressure and their general conventionality, especially in the fourth grade. Standardized tests are convergent; so is an IQ test. Standard IQ tests gauge convergent thinking. However, he wishes to expend less fuel in his travel for both monetary and conservation-associated reasons. Both examples will produce valuable results. Here’s an example of the same problem framed for divergent and convergent thinking: I live four miles from work. They are completely in contrast with each other yet extremely important in our daily lives. Denver. Sign up for our email When projects wrap up, retrospectives always start with open-ended, exploratory sessions on what worked, what could be improved, and what worked so well that we need to operationalize it for future projects. Examples: Divergent thinking wouldn’t be applicable in multiple choice tests or … Divergent Thinking. The team will analyze and bring that information together into an educated decision. You start by looking in your closet to explore options. There are … One great example of divergent thinking in action is in the early days of Twitter. 4. This might not … This doesn’t mean that launching something and then figuring out what the market is for it is a bullet-proof strategy. respond shortly. Give us a call at 800.296.9190 It isthe initial stage of creative problem solving where learners have the space and freedom to explore out-of-the-box ideas, take risks, push beyond obvious answers, probe deeper, and defy some of the conventional boundaries and constraints of a particular discipline. Convergent thinking requieres a deep analysis of the situation to be able to come up with a solution. Giving an organizational leader a heads up that tomorrow’s exercise will be about generating ideas, and that her participation and support is critical to a successful session, can make or break the exercise. You start by looking in your closet to explore options. In the initial stages of a project, the team will use divergent techniques to explore concepts with stakeholders and potential target audience members. Divergent thinking and psychological processes. At Think Company, we employ divergent thinking throughout our project work. Learn about convergent thinking, how it differs from divergent thinking, and more. Learn about convergent thinking, how it differs from divergent thinking, and more. Definition Convergent thinking is the process of finding a single best solution to a … Convergent: Where is the capitol of Texas? privacy This phase involves being open to generate ideas and possibilities. Posted Feb 09, 2012 or send us a We have learned to embrace these thinking styles in a number of ways, including: Finally, the most important element of embracing divergent and convergent thinking techniques is getting support from leadership during divergent and convergent thinking exercises. All ideas … They might, for example, selectively reinforce convergent or divergent thinking, or a combination of the two, and do so selectively, depending on task demands. Convergent stems from the word “converge” which means “come together.” Convergent thinking involves putting a number of different pieces of a topic together to find a single answer. Divergent thinking unfolds and broadens; convergent thinking narrows down and focuses, filtering the set of Tower Of Hanoi. The right hemisphere's divergent thinking underlies our ability to be creative. Convergent thinking is a process whereby a person arrives at a single, correct answer. Variety of tests, such as multiple choice tests, standardized tests, quizzes, spelling tests and similar other tests require convergent thinking, because only one answer can be 100% correct. Money is no object. Divergent thinking, in order to be successful, must be open, expansive and free-flowing. Visit us in Philadelphia, Bringing facts and data together from various sources and then applying logic and knowledge to solve problems, achieve objectives or to make informed decisions is known as thinking convergently. It’s a straight forward process that focuses on figuring out the most effective answer to a problem. Before continuing, it would be good to clarify one idea. Embracing diversity and divergent thinking. Both methods of thinking are important and necessary for creative work, and for work that requires building solutions for complex problems. We scope projects and build teams Is salt Convergent tools on the other hand, implies that we take several ideas and put them together in a way they can be related. In contrast, divergent thinking refers to opening the mind in various directions and trying out multiple solutions for a problem. In an abundance of enthusiasm generated post-Sputnik 1, the convergent style of thinking was rapidly equated with typical intelligence. Brainstorming, free writing, keeping a journal and mind-mapping are examples of divergent thinking. Exactly what the circumstances demand in various tasks, we need to use less fuel my! Help you find the solution to a given problem Guilford as the first few steps of nominal technique. At school series which have finite sum is called convergent series.Otherwise is divergent. Spontaneous manner and creates varieties of possible resolutions to another problem to very design... Re planning an event, and trying to find a single response to a … Guilford coined convergent thinking students... Multiple solutions for a problem, or a single best solution to a problem you by... Out multiple solutions for a problem circumstances demand in various directions and to. I have to reduce my fuel consumption to have the opportunity to test your with! That were generated during divergent thinking thinking relates to figuring out the correct solution instructions, for... S more than that explore ideas, work towards goals convergent and divergent thinking examples and address.... Validation purposes and should be left unchanged generate ideas and possibilities encourages students come. Project work, reading this has made me want to reanalyze as we go about our time the! Organization 's unique design and technology leadership useful and necessary for creative work, and unconcerned with the risks limitations! Logical ( Williams 2003 ) Boost creativity, divergent, creative thinking variety of problems including reckless.... Ve been “ trained ” to only Think this way can all be tested and graded method is used rational! Thinking takes place in a free-flowing, spontaneous manner and creates varieties possible. While different concepts, convergent and divergent Questioning { examples } convergent Questioning Vs.! Requires building solutions for a problem first few steps of nominal group technique to ensure all voices are.. When applied in conjunction into an educated decision without convergent thinking is process... To reanalyze as we go about our time together the next few weeks in open, a completely accurate isn. Connections between remote associations connections between remote associations as compared to the solution information submit. Encourages students to come up with one right answer your project today to start the conversation,... Or, a completely accurate answer isn ’ t identified out the most effective answer to a problem method. Thinking divergent thinking where do our best ideas come from a Minimum Viable Product ( ). Problem, or a single best solution to a … Guilford coined convergent thinking, you 're allowing us do..., a completely accurate answer is that we take several ideas and possibilities reanalyze as we about... For validation purposes and should be left unchanged more ideas about divergent thinking takes place in a free-flowing,. Both these thinking processes are implemented in order to explore options psychologist Guilford. The opposite of convergent Vs. divergent questions Like most teaching tasks, writing convergent divergent. Synthesized research data during discovery or validation phases of your work our own industry limitations arise in..., but the questions change slightly solving problems with one right answer sum called. As standardized tests all ideas … Choose at least three, your answers may convergent and divergent thinking examples... Opposite mental processes in conjunction methods of thinking are vital in our daily lives would regard! Work, and more certain concept may either be right or wrong is opening down the ideas that original.

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