10 favorite things that make me wanna HOLLA this holiday season!

Happy HOLLADays y’all!! To celebrate, here are my 10 favorite things that make me wanna HOLLA this holiday season!

#10 – Skip the cliché (and awkward) mistletoe above your door and upgrade your holiday spirit with this DIY Holladays Doormat!


1) Plain doormat (the doormat shown is the TRAMPA from IKEA USA)
2) 1 Can of spray paint in your favorite color
3) Either a stencil (to make the WORDS in color) or large sticky letters (to LEAVE the words natural)
4) Long sewing pins to fix the stencil in place
5) Newspaper for over spray
6) Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and Diet Coke (*optional)

1) Determine placing of stencil / letters and secure with sewing pins
2) Have sip of drink
3) Spray with paint in well ventilated area with mat on newspaper
4) While first coat is drying, have a few sips of your cold refreshing drink
5) Give your mat a finishing coat of spray paint
6) After second coat is dry, remove stencil / letters
7) Place on front step, go inside, and our yourself another drink!

#9 – To help you stylishly celebrate Hanukkah, you can create this copper menorah! This modern addition is so beautiful you may be tempted to leave it on your mantel all year long: http://bit.ly/1yEoDAB

10676358_938198779524418_2628871740316271774_nNeed a last minute HOLLAday gift? Liquor is always an easy go-to! But why use a plain bottle stopper, when you can preserve your favorite holiday beverages with a stopper of spectacular sophistication? That’s why I chose this Amethyst encrusted beauty as my #8 HOLLAday gift-giving pick! Get the look for less from Newegg: http://bit.ly/1DHHxPa

1450674_939895766021386_6987725427593214850_nNothing makes me HOLLA like my #7 HOLLAday pick! You can transform any space with this awe inspiring wall mural! The vinyl coated temporary paper re-invents your spaces with a faux installment of reclaimed wood, and won’t ruin the walls when you’re ready to move: http://amzn.to/1yBtkuJ

10849926_937885346222428_8162182116189060277_nMy #6 HOLLADay pick is this Terrarium from Urban Outfitters! They are a great way to add a little plant life and character in your small spaces and bookshelves – and they’re only $44!! http://bit.ly/1DibaX7


I am OBSESSED with anything vintage, and INSPIRED by all things old school! That’s why, my #5 HOLLAday pick is this stylish portable Crosley Radio turntable – which is the epitome of cool! http://amzn.to/1yBvudR


Don’t have a tree up yet for the HOLLADays? My #4 pick this HOLLAday season is this super easy DIY tree!! All you need is varying diameters of PVC pipe (sliced wide enough for ornaments to sit inside comfortably), some glue, and a wooden frame! You’ll be rockin’ around THIS Christmas tree for sure: http://bit.ly/1yWaaQF

10805801_937877899556506_4198156503076771029_nMy #3 HOLLAday pick is near and dear to my heart – cause there’s nothing I love more than being creative! Spoonflower is most DEFINITELY my newest obsession, as it gives me and other creative minds the opportunity to create their own CUSTOM fabrics, wallpapers, and gift wrap too!! Check out this adorable headband my girl at Sea Wee Babies made for me from her own ORGANIC line of custom printed pineapple fabric!!


Personally, I LOVE this gift as I developed my love for interior design from creating doll houses with my mom as a kid. You can install your own wallpapers, carpets, and decor. That’s why I’ve made it my #2 HOLLAday pick for things that make me HOLLA during this season! I just love that this is a modern version of my old favorite! PLUS – it’s on sale from Joss and Main: http://bit.ly/1yOGox7


You ever been so moved by one thing it changed your life forever? Me too. My hands down FAVORITE American street artist is none other than the incomparable Aaron De La Cruz, and I’m lucky enough to call him friend too! That’s why my #1 HOLLAday pick are these limited edition earrings that come in 3 different colors – so I can wear a piece of the streets with me everywhere I go: http://bit.ly/1DHMU0D


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