10 DIY Simple Headboards You Can Create In 24 Hours

A one-of-a-kind DIY headboard can make a bold statement in your bedroom at a low cost. Browse these simple headboards for inspiration and step-by-step instructions.


Rope Headboard

For this bedhead you’ll need 2 pine timber lengths, and 2 different types of rope. Create a frame using your timber, drill holes in the frame for your rope. Randomly thread rope through the holes and secure with a knot. Dab nail polish on the ends of the rope to stop it fraying.


Plaster Board Headboard

You’ll need plaster band and resin decoration (feature for the top). Cut your plaster bands to suit bed size (the frame should suit the width of your bed) You can ask your plaster supplier to cut these for you. Paint your plaster mouldings any colour you like. Use superglue to attach Velcro to the back of the plaster. Remove protective tape from other side of Velcro and stick to wall.


Old Doors Headboard

Pick up old doors from your local scrap yard. Paint them any colour you like. Sand back the edges to give them a warn in look. The door panels can be fixed together with two pieces of timber mounted to the top and bottom. You can now rest your bedhead against the wall.


Painted Mural Headboard

Create a design for your bed head. Practice on paper to get it exactly as you like it. Using a pencil mark out a border for the size of your bed head so you have a space to work with. To create this bed head start drawing different size triangles. Tape around the triangles that aren’t touching. Then paint inside these triangles. Let dry completely. Remove tape and repeat the process. Once done remove all tape and admire your handy work!


New York City Skyline Headboard

You can either us paint or washi tape for this. Practise on paper first and then use either a grey lead pencil (if doing washi tape) or masking tape (if doing paint) to get the outline right on your wall. Paint in between the masking tape or place washi tape over the grey lead lines.


Chalkboard Headboard

Incredibly simple and versatile. Paint your wall using chalkboard paint (get this from your hardware or paint store) and draw any design you choose! If you get sick of it you can easily erase it. Great idea for kids rooms.


Timber Headboard

Perfect for a rustic bedroom to create this bedhead you’ll need recycled timber, masking tape, and paint. Paint every second timber section at the top to create his effect.


Timber City Skyline Headboard

Simple materials such as timber, and paint are needed for this one. Have the timber cut into any shape you prefer or try this one. Give it a few coats of paint and your done.


Book Headboard

Head to your local thrift store to collect stacks of old books. Glue the books to a piece of recycled timber. Stick the top pages in place with double sided tape. Happy reading!


Pegboard Headboard

You’ll need Masonite pegboard sheets and double sided foam mounting tape (try 3M brand) Here they’ve used 3 pegboard sheets to make the bedhead wider than the bed for bigger impact. Have your sheets cut to the right size, attach to wall using mounting tape.

So there you have it 10 great DIY headboards! Which one will you try?

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